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Digital Marketing Trends 2024 – Insights for Indian Businesses

Digital marketing in India is booming like crazy. Now that we have AI tools at our disposal your very own digital marketing agency in India DigiAlturas is also recommending an AI makeover for your business. So what is all the fuss about AI? Let’s have a look.

Personalization: Powered by AI

AI is here to listen to all your needs 24×7. Digital Marketing in India is evolving by using artificial intelligence to serve as per the customers requirements. Using AI tools to listen, understand and analyze the customers online behavior gives your brand the opportunity to offer tailor made contents. This will keep your audience or customers hooked, and bring new potential consumers. In turn increase your brand’s visibility, reputation, permanent and loyal consumers, fans, followers, and build your online presence faster and stronger.

Video Contents For The Win

Visually appealing contents always perform the best. Similarly video contents are literally dominating the online space at the moment as they are far more informative yet entertaining to the audience. Since in India the number of mobile phone users are higher than computer users. The mobile phone compatibility of videos also pushes videos more than any other type of visual contents. As a result brands are advised to consider video contents to engage their consumers and generate more leads, sales even when they are not working. This is known as digital marketing automation.

Voice Search Optimization

This is a fun and easier activity for the new era users as more and more people are running away from typing long search words. Utilizing this audience behavior to your business’s favor is a brilliant idea. By installing a voice chatbot your business will optimize the contents. This is the new game changer, voice optimized artificial intelligence in Marketing.

Implementing Local SEO

The role of local SEO in your business’s growth is simply undeniable. In fact Google itself has added several tools for business owners to optimize their businesses online. The sole purpose of this is to serve the local community and build local brands, simply because what is valuable to a certain community may not be as much demanding globally. Hence we recommend you to use this magical optimization to your advantage. Grow locally and grow big using local SEO services.

Interactive Content

Today’s generation likes to interact. Likewise they prefer those who like to interact. As a business it is more essential for you to interact with the consumers than ever. Building an interactive community with fun quizzes, interesting surveys, opinionative polls can make the consumers feel more heard, cared for and valuable to you. Hence it is a brilliant idea to use machine learning in digital marketing.


In the ever changing era digital marketing trends also have come a long way. For you to stay ahead means you have to learn and implement the latest trends recommended by the best digital marketing agency. DigiAlturas is here to support you in your growth. To learn more keep following this space.